This page is designed to help you obtain and maintain your membership in the Tosohatchee Chapter of a Titisa Lodge. The Tosohatchee chapter services the Little Econ District of Central Florida Council. The following links are here to help you pay dues and secure ordeal/brotherhood weekends. It is your responsibility to maintain your membership in the order.

Tipisa_Lodge_TotemNewly Elected Candidate

Congratulations on your election into the OA! The Tosohatchee chapter normally will run a “call out” ceremony at the fall district camporee. If your unit election is after the camporee, you will be personally notified. At that time you will be asked to register for the ordeal weekend. Please read the information carefully and be prepared for the weekend. If you are not able to attend the scheduled Tosohatchee ordeal weekend you may attend another chapters ordeal weekend by registering with them.

Registration for Tosohatchee Candidates Ordeal Weekend: Tosohatchee Newly Elected Candidate Only
Spirit of the Arrow #1: Upon a Lofty Journey
Elangomat, Brotherhood, and Staff Reistration for the Ordeal Weekend: Tosohatchee Members Only

logo_ordeal_redOrdeal Member

Now that you have endured the pain of the ordeal you are starting your path to brotherhood membership. Remember to attend troop and chapter meetings regularly and reflect often on your ordeal weekend. Please follow the Jump Start link below and learn more about the OA. This secured website is set up for you and your parents to learn more about the OA. Please keep the password in your handbook safe. Non-OA members should not use the Jump Start site.





After serving your units and the chapter for 10 months you are eligible to complete your OA membership by participating in a brotherhood weekend. There are many opportunities for you to seal your membership in the brotherhood throughout the year. The Lodge and Chapter hold brotherhood weekends once a year in addition to offering brotherhood at Fellowship weekends.

Annual Dues

As a member of the OA it is critical to maintain your active membership by paying your annual dues. Dues help the Lodge maintain its financial responsibilities throughout the year. The Tosohatchee chapter has over thousand members but sadly only 14.3% are dues paying members. My fellow brothers, if you are among the majority of non-dues paying members I highly encourage you to think of the Scout Law. Then reflect on wearing our Lodge flap on your uniform without being a dues paying member. If you would like to live up to your commitment to our order and the Scout Law I highly recommend updating your membership now. This Page is the online method of paying your annual dues for youth and adults. You can also print your current membership card online.

Titisa Lodge Annual Dues Page: Tipisa Membership


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