Congratulations! You’ve been elected into the OA…

oa-legendHave you just been notified that you have been elected into the Order of the Arrow? the Boy Scouts of America’s National Honor Society known as the Order of the Arrow (OA) has a unique membership process. After you are elected into the OA you must take your “ordeal” to begin your membership process. After completing the ordeal as a new member of the order you will have a new arrow sash and a pocket flap to where. After 10 months as an ordeal member you can complete your membership by taking “brotherhood”.

The first step in the process of joining the OA is registering for an ordeal weekend. Click the Online link below to register now or click the link for the printed registration form. You do not have to take the ordeal with our chapter if there is a scheduling conflict. Any ordeal weekend held at LaNoChe by any chapter of our lodge will start the membership process. You must complete a ordeal weekend within one year of being elected.

January 8-10, 2016 Tosohatchee Chapter (Little Econ District)
Ordeal Candidate Registration: Online | Paper Form

January 15-17, 2016 Huracan Chapter (Seminole Springs District)
Ordeal Candidate Registration: Online | Paper Form

An Ordeal Scholarship is available here.

If you’re not sure if you have been elected, ask your Scoutmaster or refer to the ordeal candidate list.

Click HERE for a copy of the Ordeal Candidates Letter.

Click HERE for a copy of the Parent letter from the Chapter Adviser.

After you have registered for your ordeal weekend click HERE for the first editions of the “Spirit of the Arrow” known as SOA 1. You will receive more editions during the ordeal weekend.

There are lots of folklore and rumors surrounding the ordeal weekend. Keep in mind that the Order of the Arrow is the Boy Scouts of America’s National Honor Society. All of the well-established policies and procedures of the BSA will be observed and enforced. The so-called “secrecy” is intentional to make the experience more intense for the youth. Parents/guardians that are not members of the OA are encouraged to ask questions about anything they have concerns about. They are also allowed to witness the ordeal and ceremonies. Adults, parents and scouters are encouraged to direct their communications to the Chapter Adviser.  Youth are encouraged to communicate with the Chapter Chief.

Again, congratulations on being elected into the Order of the Arrow!

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Fall Fellowship 2015: The LNC Tipisa Cup

11811460_888601084553159_1007515399984673826_nSeptember 11-13 2015, Camp La-No-Che

Come an join your Lodge Brothers in an epic display of spirit and competition, as your chapter compete for the LNC Tipisa Cup – the theme of this fun-filled weekend. Get ready to complete with and cheer on your Tosohatchee Chapter – just like sports fans! There will be sporting event-themed quest events that places the chpaters in brackets for head-to-head competitions in their quest for the cup (and the Golden Arrow!) – as well as sports-themed shows.

  • Saturday morning will hold seminars in chapter operations, inductions, program, and so much more. Prepare to learn how to become a better servant leader!
  • Brotherhood will be offered for those eligible (Ordeal members of 10 months or more). Seal your membership in the Order of the Arrow and complete your induction!
  • An optional Friday night meal will be available for purchase.

Register Online

Last Day to Register: 9/7/2015

Paper Registration
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Sink-a-Thon, Tosohatchee Chapter advisers perspective (“Susan-Cam”)

This video was taken on March 14, 2015 at the Tipisa Conclave weekend. The “Sink-a-Thon” is a friendly competition to sink other chapters boats. The last boat afloat is the winner. The camera was attached to the Tosohatchee chapter advisers hat. Originally this video was intended to be silent. Unfortunately the GoPro camera broke up the continuous record into 15 minute segments. Only the first segment was silent. It is recommended to play appropriate music when viewing.

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2014 Section Leadership Summit

Prepare yourself for an amazing weekend full of exciting competitions, engaging fellowship, and more at the Section S-4 Leadership Summit, taking place at Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation in Tequesta, FL, on November 7−9, 2014. Host Aal-Pa-Tah Lodge is putting together an amazing program with non-stop action for all Arrowmen. Join your Tipisa Brothers in the food, fun, and fellowship. Training by experts in OA program, American Indian activities, and more.

Regiter online at

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NOAC Centennial Update, Sept. 2014


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OA News You Can Use, September 2014


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Fun-A-Paloosa Weekend

Get ready for Fun-A-Paloosa Weekend at Camp LaNoChe this coming May 17-19! The Lodge for some reason has started calling this weekend “Service Weekend” (I think the Lodge just wants to scare everybody away). Tosohatchee insists on calling this weekend Fun-A-Paloosa because that’s what we’re going to have. We will be playing games like “Fill In The Ditch” and “Sweeping Relay Races”. It’s incredible to think of such a fun weekend that get’s Camp ready for the summer. Remember to bring your swimsuit for a nighttime swim. There will be plenty of late-night fun with movies and board games. If you know of anyone who was elected but miss the ordeal, this is a chance for them to do their ordeal that weekend. The Chapter and Lodge officer elections will also be held during the weekend. Mark your calendar now and see you at Fun-A-Paloosa!

Register online soon, and often at (weekend registration will be online soon…)

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Section S-4 Conference

sect-conf2013Now that an epic Spring Conclave has come and gone, you may be wondering where you can get your next OA Rush. Well… prepare yourself for an amazing weekend full of exciting competitions, engaging fellowship, and more at the Section S-4 Conference, taking place at Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation in Lake Wales on April 12-14, 2013.

Host Seminole Lodge is putting together an amazing program with non-stop action for all Arrowmen. Join your Tipisa Brothers in the Quest for the Golden Arrow, defend our many competition titles, and strive for others, including Best All-Around Lodge. Training will be offered, conducted by experts in OA program, American Indian activities, and more. And who would want to miss the patch trading? Tipisa Lodge will also be demonstrating the new Brotherhood Ceremony.

Tipisa is going to be one of the largest lodge present, and so we are aiming to have 300 scouts form Tipisa to show Section S-4 who is in charge! We can’t do it without you! If you need a ride, carpools and caravans will be set up on a per chapter basis within the next week and information will be sent out to those who are registered….so register now!!

Cost for the weekend is $30, with an optional $10 Spirit Pak. The Spirit Pak includes a Tipisa contingent tshirt, noisemakers, and more! Payment is due on March 27 (walk-in fees are $40, and there is no guarantee of a Spirit Pak).

You can register online now at the following link:

All Tipisa contingent members must submit BSA Health Form Parts A & B to the Contingent Adviser. You may either complete the form on the Tipisa website under Section Conference and email it to or bring a paper copy to the event. You can download the form at

For more information, contact Contingent Chair Michael Burton III ( and Contingent Adviser Ryan Showman ( or visit

Join the Tipisa Lodge Contingent as we seek the fire at the center!

Yours in Wimachtendienk,

Michael Burton III
Tipisa Lodge
Section Conference Contingent Chair
(321) 360-2658

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Get ready for the Tosohatchee Annual Golf Tournament at Congo River Golf. We will be meeting up at the Congo River Golf on East Colonial/Route 50 at 7:30 PM on this Thursday, March 21. For only $5 (regular price $11.99) you can play a full round of golf with all of your chapter Brothers. Come on out in full uniform and sash to show your pride. If you finish early you may want to spend some time in the arcade area (bring some pocket change). The chapter will commandeer seats at the local Steak N Shake next door for a snack or ice cream (“Dutch Treat”) after the tournament. So start practicing your putting and get ready to win. For more information please contact your chapter chief or chapter adviser.

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